Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No one of us is as Smart as All of Us.

"No one of us is as Smart as All of Us !! ", what a statement by Sir. Ken Blanchard, I don't think he has received knighthood yet but I am sure he will, and even if he formally doesn't for me he will always be a great teacher. I have read two of his books ie. Leadership Pill and Yes or No, and I have learned a lot from both of them but mainly a lot from leadership pill.

I happened to have an experience of leading a small team when I was working with a start up.  As we all know working with a startup is a really different and great learning experience. I faced many internal questions and learned many things of leading a team, probably a hard way. I used to reflect as to what worked and what didn't while holding this position. During that time I happened to stumble upon this book called "leadership pill". Its a short 80-100 page book, light weight , very user friendly. In that book I could relate to many experiences which I had while being the leader of this team. I started understanding many mistakes which I committed, and it was a great help. I know I have lot to learn in the area of leadership, but now at-least I know where to look for guidance and insights. The reason of telling you all this is that I wanted to give you a context as to why I feel that this person great and is full of insights and wisdom.

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