Saturday, October 30, 2010

''one should Socialize'' !!!!.

“First impression is not the last impression but it`s definitely a lasting impression”… I do believe in this thought but still I am taking a risk of writing some of my “stray thoughts” in this post which is my practically second and logically first post that is on SOCIALIZING.


When I learned the words like Extrovert and Introvert, I thought I must be an introvert with an aspirational extrovert inside. By aspirational extrovert I mean a person who is called as a friendly person, easy to approach, and a guy who can talk to anyone. But what keeps me away from becoming such a person is the thought which comes to my mind whenever I meet a person who has not yet become my friend in real sense is, “ Ameya are you talking to him because you really WANT to talk or you because you SHOULD?"

“Wants” can be: I want to learn from him, I think talking to him would make him feel better, I want to make him understand things, I want to know his opinions, I want him to be my friend, etc.

“Shoulds” can be: I should talk to him because he has many contacts, he is rich, he can employ me, she looks beautiful, how it looks if I don’t talk … it’s my responsibility to talk, he is powerful, I can use him for my benefit etc.

Now this constant conflict between WANTs and SHOULDs create a lot of turbulence in mind and either of them wins according to situation.

Point I am trying to make is, what triggers the TALK with that new person defines whether the relation would turn out to be a “long term” or “short term” one.

People who can easily socialize can be called as extroverts and people who take time to do so can be tagged to be introvert. What really matters is not the “”TAG” but the “TRIGGER to talk” ie “Want vs Should

My next post would be “Mahatma Gandhi the MANAGEMENT Guru”, THANK YOU for going through this confusing post which I think seriously tries to make some point, irrespective whether it has succeeded in doing so.

" People who take time in giving a promise also take time in breaking them!!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

My First Blog

My first blog ....Finally :)

This is my first blog... Frankly I don't know what blogging is .. nor do I know what are the benefits...the reason I ended up blogging is just to share my ideas .. views ..opinions.. suggestions and some random thoughts with who ever interested. I came across the blogging concept when i was searching information about a person, I searched his name on google and his blog appeared. He actually is working with an NGO, on his blog he explained the concepts or kinda business ideas vis a vis social sector. Thus even before first interaction with him I was able to know his way of thinking by reading his blogs.

I was convinced that the concept of blogging can be a good way to share ideas and can also work an "Introducer" or what ever you call it for the people who search your name online. I am sure that there must be many other benefits of blogging which i would come across over a period of time.

My blogs would mostly revolve around Education Sector and other matters which I think are worth sharing.

I would like to end my first blog my defining education in my way:

" recognizing your ignorance"....

CHEERS...."we all have just 1 life to ............." fill in the blank according to your will. :)