Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Silent Count Down is On !!!

"Five, Four, Three, Two, One !!!" Sounds like some race which is going to start / some game is getting over/ some one shouting out the last five seconds of 31st December isn't it ?

But there is a deeper countdown which has already started and is going to reach the end point but no one knows when, its the countdown of Life !!.. It began the day we were born and remains on till the moment we take our last breath. It would have been great if we could hear the counts so that we manage our life actions accordingly. But unfortunately  the count down is silent one and I think god wanted it to be so. 

One of the famous stories which I can think of about relating to this idea is from Mahabharata. During exile, once four other Pandavas happened to drink water from a lake, which was haunted by a Yaksha. Yaksha had  warned them that they should answer his questions before they drink water, but none of them paid attention and were eventually got killed. Yudhisthra went there and agreed to answer all the questions, yaksha said if you answer the questions correctly then he give life to all his brothers. He asked many questions to Yudhisthira and he got good answers, one of the question was " What is the greatest mystery / Paradox/ wonder of life ? Ans by Yudhistira was : "We all know that we are going to die but we behave as if we are immortal" Now there are many versions to this text but the idea is quite clear and relevant in todays world. 

We happen to postpone many things to tomorrow, next year, once I have xyz then Ill do it etc. But we don't realize the silent countdown is on. We have many things we want to try out / do / experience / talk to,  so many things which we  postpone it to some wonderful (ideal) day in future. I would like to admit that I do the same thing all the time, but I am really trying to resist it whenever possible. 

Follow your passion is more or less has become a Career Gospel in today's world. It is astonishingly appealing concept, but in my personal experience says that its not so simple as it sounds like. There are many other concepts like "Purpose is more important than passion" which means finding out a cause which you value / problem in the world which bothers you and then contributing your life to do it. 

I have come across many videos and articles which are very convincing about various ideas relating to this concept but I don't want to list them here. The only thing I have realized or rather have continuously come across events which rebuilds my realization is that "Success is a personal thing,  we have to define it for ourselves, because if we leave for others (so called Society)  to decide we would never accomplish it. The reason is  the one who taught society punctuation marks forgot to teach  "." (Full Stop).  Society will always point towards the grass which according to it is greener, than yours. 

I am very sure I have confused you, though it was not intentional. The moral of the story is "Its your life, do what you always wanted to.. its good to fail ..and blame your self for the wrong decisions you made rather than, getting carried away by the ideas which look right in the eyes of others and end up making you feel incomplete."

No one of us is as Smart as All of Us.

"No one of us is as Smart as All of Us !! ", what a statement by Sir. Ken Blanchard, I don't think he has received knighthood yet but I am sure he will, and even if he formally doesn't for me he will always be a great teacher. I have read two of his books ie. Leadership Pill and Yes or No, and I have learned a lot from both of them but mainly a lot from leadership pill.

I happened to have an experience of leading a small team when I was working with a start up.  As we all know working with a startup is a really different and great learning experience. I faced many internal questions and learned many things of leading a team, probably a hard way. I used to reflect as to what worked and what didn't while holding this position. During that time I happened to stumble upon this book called "leadership pill". Its a short 80-100 page book, light weight , very user friendly. In that book I could relate to many experiences which I had while being the leader of this team. I started understanding many mistakes which I committed, and it was a great help. I know I have lot to learn in the area of leadership, but now at-least I know where to look for guidance and insights. The reason of telling you all this is that I wanted to give you a context as to why I feel that this person great and is full of insights and wisdom.

Enjoy the video: 


Sunday, June 5, 2011

You need Money but you need ........ tooo !!!

"I wish I had the money to go for a world trip!" "I wish I had time to go for a world trip" now the common thing with both these wishes is, both have some factor which is not letting them do what they want to. For first person its MONEY while for the second one its TIME.

Now this was just one example, here is other one. I wish I had money to buy the most delicious dish from Taj. I wish I dint suffer from diabetes to enjoy this delicious dish with my friends.The first one lacks MONEY but the second one lacks HEALTH. point is none of them relish the dish.

There can be large number of examples where enjoyment from MONEY is dependent on other factors. In absence of those factors money is nothing. So the next time when you work hard for earning large amount of money also work hard towards having the other factors right.

only MONEY= Frustration

+ many such factors
Happiness..Fun.. Satisfaction.. Joy etc

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The "Four letter word Fu*k"

(I apologize for not coming with the "Mahatma Gandhi the management guru post" still working on it.)

The four letter word "Fu*k"

Have you ever heard the four letter word? yes.. I am talking about the same word which starts with "Fu*k". You must have guessed it by now. Yes its "Funk!!!". What happened you had some other word in your mind? if that's the case you should continue reading.

We humans have this peculiar habit of judging/categorizing/predicting about things even when we have too less info about them. Now some smart minds would argue that that, "we had info about the use of the word Fu*k. We assumed it. because the "Fu*k" is widely used to represent that tabooed word."

But somewhere that`s precisely my point. We humans easily accept things to be obviously true when they are widely used or highly publicized. We rarely bother to go into details while passing our comments or assuming and predicting about them. Now this habit of ours leads to forming those subconscious assumptions vis-a-vis some religions , caste and types of people. So what can we do to avoid this ?....I am unable to find an accurate answer. One simple way can be to stop assuming things to be true on the face of it, give it a thought before making a judgment, avoiding to categorize people under specific tags and if we do so at least think over it in detail while putting a new person under that tag.

To conclude "F***K" can also be
..............Not Just "*uck".........................................END.................................................

(It was just an attempt to put in my stray thoughts, would love to know ways of improving

Saturday, October 30, 2010

''one should Socialize'' !!!!.

“First impression is not the last impression but it`s definitely a lasting impression”… I do believe in this thought but still I am taking a risk of writing some of my “stray thoughts” in this post which is my practically second and logically first post that is on SOCIALIZING.


When I learned the words like Extrovert and Introvert, I thought I must be an introvert with an aspirational extrovert inside. By aspirational extrovert I mean a person who is called as a friendly person, easy to approach, and a guy who can talk to anyone. But what keeps me away from becoming such a person is the thought which comes to my mind whenever I meet a person who has not yet become my friend in real sense is, “ Ameya are you talking to him because you really WANT to talk or you because you SHOULD?"

“Wants” can be: I want to learn from him, I think talking to him would make him feel better, I want to make him understand things, I want to know his opinions, I want him to be my friend, etc.

“Shoulds” can be: I should talk to him because he has many contacts, he is rich, he can employ me, she looks beautiful, how it looks if I don’t talk … it’s my responsibility to talk, he is powerful, I can use him for my benefit etc.

Now this constant conflict between WANTs and SHOULDs create a lot of turbulence in mind and either of them wins according to situation.

Point I am trying to make is, what triggers the TALK with that new person defines whether the relation would turn out to be a “long term” or “short term” one.

People who can easily socialize can be called as extroverts and people who take time to do so can be tagged to be introvert. What really matters is not the “”TAG” but the “TRIGGER to talk” ie “Want vs Should

My next post would be “Mahatma Gandhi the MANAGEMENT Guru”, THANK YOU for going through this confusing post which I think seriously tries to make some point, irrespective whether it has succeeded in doing so.

" People who take time in giving a promise also take time in breaking them!!!"

Monday, October 25, 2010

My First Blog

My first blog ....Finally :)

This is my first blog... Frankly I don't know what blogging is .. nor do I know what are the benefits...the reason I ended up blogging is just to share my ideas .. views ..opinions.. suggestions and some random thoughts with who ever interested. I came across the blogging concept when i was searching information about a person, I searched his name on google and his blog appeared. He actually is working with an NGO, on his blog he explained the concepts or kinda business ideas vis a vis social sector. Thus even before first interaction with him I was able to know his way of thinking by reading his blogs.

I was convinced that the concept of blogging can be a good way to share ideas and can also work an "Introducer" or what ever you call it for the people who search your name online. I am sure that there must be many other benefits of blogging which i would come across over a period of time.

My blogs would mostly revolve around Education Sector and other matters which I think are worth sharing.

I would like to end my first blog my defining education in my way:

" EDUCATION...is recognizing your ignorance"....

CHEERS...."we all have just 1 life to ............." fill in the blank according to your will. :)