Sunday, June 5, 2011

You need Money but you need ........ tooo !!!

"I wish I had the money to go for a world trip!" "I wish I had time to go for a world trip" now the common thing with both these wishes is, both have some factor which is not letting them do what they want to. For first person its MONEY while for the second one its TIME.

Now this was just one example, here is other one. I wish I had money to buy the most delicious dish from Taj. I wish I dint suffer from diabetes to enjoy this delicious dish with my friends.The first one lacks MONEY but the second one lacks HEALTH. point is none of them relish the dish.

There can be large number of examples where enjoyment from MONEY is dependent on other factors. In absence of those factors money is nothing. So the next time when you work hard for earning large amount of money also work hard towards having the other factors right.

only MONEY= Frustration

+ many such factors
Happiness..Fun.. Satisfaction.. Joy etc

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The "Four letter word Fu*k"

(I apologize for not coming with the "Mahatma Gandhi the management guru post" still working on it.)

The four letter word "Fu*k"

Have you ever heard the four letter word? yes.. I am talking about the same word which starts with "Fu*k". You must have guessed it by now. Yes its "Funk!!!". What happened you had some other word in your mind? if that's the case you should continue reading.

We humans have this peculiar habit of judging/categorizing/predicting about things even when we have too less info about them. Now some smart minds would argue that that, "we had info about the use of the word Fu*k. We assumed it. because the "Fu*k" is widely used to represent that tabooed word."

But somewhere that`s precisely my point. We humans easily accept things to be obviously true when they are widely used or highly publicized. We rarely bother to go into details while passing our comments or assuming and predicting about them. Now this habit of ours leads to forming those subconscious assumptions vis-a-vis some religions , caste and types of people. So what can we do to avoid this ?....I am unable to find an accurate answer. One simple way can be to stop assuming things to be true on the face of it, give it a thought before making a judgment, avoiding to categorize people under specific tags and if we do so at least think over it in detail while putting a new person under that tag.

To conclude "F***K" can also be
..............Not Just "*uck".........................................END.................................................

(It was just an attempt to put in my stray thoughts, would love to know ways of improving