Monday, October 25, 2010

My First Blog

My first blog ....Finally :)

This is my first blog... Frankly I don't know what blogging is .. nor do I know what are the benefits...the reason I ended up blogging is just to share my ideas .. views ..opinions.. suggestions and some random thoughts with who ever interested. I came across the blogging concept when i was searching information about a person, I searched his name on google and his blog appeared. He actually is working with an NGO, on his blog he explained the concepts or kinda business ideas vis a vis social sector. Thus even before first interaction with him I was able to know his way of thinking by reading his blogs.

I was convinced that the concept of blogging can be a good way to share ideas and can also work an "Introducer" or what ever you call it for the people who search your name online. I am sure that there must be many other benefits of blogging which i would come across over a period of time.

My blogs would mostly revolve around Education Sector and other matters which I think are worth sharing.

I would like to end my first blog my defining education in my way:

" recognizing your ignorance"....

CHEERS...."we all have just 1 life to ............." fill in the blank according to your will. :)


Gaurav said...

Amazing Buddy.Gr8 Blog.

I'd say that, "We all have just 1 life to LEARN"

gaurav said...

Well said sirji.....

From my side "We all have just one life to LIVE"

Anonymous said...

Good going Ameya..Wish you loads of Luck, maybe il ask you to drop by to give a few words on my blog(im luki to interviewing people ;))All the very best for your future!